Product 01 —


Your Guiding Light in Diabetes Control

Practical solutions —

CONTOUR®PLUS ELITE belongs to new generation of blood glucose meters that offer advanced features: simple interpretation of results using Target Range Indicator Lights ​​(smartLIGHT), strip replenishment within 60 seconds using the Second-Chance® feature, and connection to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES App for additional diabetes control support.

Accuracy —

Trust the outstanding accuracy of the CONTOUR®PLUS ELITE system to help you make better decisions in diabetes self-monitoring.

The CONTOUR®PLUS ELITE system has been proven to provide very accurate results.

Product 02 —


Diabetes now clarified

Features —

CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter combines a user-friendly approach and remarkable accuracy with the latest technology. The accuracy is further optimized by an enhanced algorithm, and the Second-Chance® feature which is also improved.

With its unique design and exceptional accuracy, the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter also features Target Range Indicator Lights ​​(smartLIGHT) and Second-Chance® functionality, allowing you to engage in diabetes control according to your needs.

A New Era —

CONTOUR®PLUS ONE is part of the new generation of meters that, integrated with a smartphone app, simplifies diabetes control. Glucose measurement results obtained throughout the day can be automatically synchronized and recorded.

Using this connection, you can gain a clear insight into how your activities affect blood glucose levels, helping you better understand diabetes. All of this on a device you use daily in various situations-your smartphone!

Product 03 —


A Simple and Reliable Measurement

Reliable —

10 years on the market and tens of thousands of satisfied users attest to the reliability of the CONTOUR®PLUS meter. Results obtained with the CONTOUR®PLUS meter align with the ISO 15197:2013 standard, which requires higher accuracy in both laboratory conditions and every day at-home use.

A Straightforward Solution —

The CONTOUR®PLUS meter is designed to adapt to the needs of each user easily. The option to choose one of two operating modes allows for simple measurement, whether have been diagnosed with diabetes recently or you need a new meter and a more detailed result analysis.

Product 04 —


For Outstanding Result Accuracy

One test strip for all meters —

Combined with the CONTOUR®PLUS ELITE, CONTOUR®PLUS ONE, and CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose meters, CONTOUR®PLUS test strips provide reliable results to help you better control blood glucose levels.

Product 05 —


Makes Diabetes Care Simple

Diabetes Control —

It is not always easy to manage diabetes, keep notes on all blood glucose measurement results, and understand the effects of different activities. Wouldn’t it be great to relieve a part of the burden of diabetes control with a system that can help you understand how daily activities impact blood sugar values?

Now is the time. CONTOUR®PLUS ELIT and CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meters, along with the CONTOUR®DIABETES App, connect wirelessly to do just that.

Product 06 —


Share Results Easily

Share results —

A quick and easy way to share blood glucose measurement results with your healthcare professional remotely.

Settings —

After the initial setup, no further actions are required. GlucoContro automatically syncs with blood glucose meters connected to the CONTOUR®DIABETES App. The data you share this will be available to healthcare professionals.

Product 07 —


Less Painful and More Comfortable

Easy to handle —

MICROLET®NEXT LANCING DEVICE, easy to use, created to minimize pain and make testing/lancing more comfortable.

Simply better —

  • A protective cap helps prevent accidental lancing.
  • Five clearly marked levels of puncture depth settings.
  • The lancet release mechanism glides silently for an extra sense of painless prick.
  • Easy lancet ejection with a press of a button.

Product 08 —


Smooth, Silicone-Coated Lancets

Easy and simple —

MICROLET® LANCETS are coated with silicone to make the blood drawing process easier and gentler. The silicone coating reduces surface friction of the lancet needle without negatively affecting the function of the CONTOUR® blood glucose meter.

Product 09 —


The Power of Cool Med Technology

Worry-free travel —

Cool Med technology will help you be more carefree.

By applying Cool Med technology in our cooling Sugrbag pouches, we made travel for people with diabetes more carefree. The pouches operate on the principle of evaporation, ensuring that insulin, or other medications, remains safe at the appropriate temperature for up to 50 hours, even when external temperatures are consistently above 30 °C.

Cooling Sugrbag pouches are intended for multi-use, easily activated with water, and can be carried anywhere.

Product 10 —


A Little Help at the Right Time

Just enough —

Sugrbag pouch is ideal for shorter trips and as an support in performing daily tasks – keeping your insulin safe in your pocket, handbag, for up to 5 hours.